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Reading this thread makes me think of all the bearded dragon breeders right now. Iam sorry guys, I in no means am trying to down any of you, and you do produce some nice animals! but where do they all go? I mean, my female can clutch many times a year, and I get at the minimum 25 eggs from her, and this is ME, i only have 2 beardies, they're pets, from one female i could easily achieve 150 eggs a year.. I really wonder where they go? I mean, you see lots of baby beardies in petstores, iam sure most of them die there. I 'am kinda steering myself towards believing alot of breeders are irresonsible with what they breed, and how many they do breed.. As I said, iam not trying to point fingers, Iam just curious, but have to say in the end iam never surprised to hear about how many unwanted/sick/dead reptiles are popping up in the local papers..

Iam not just saying beardies here, theres many others. Iam just using it as an example. The lack of respect for animal life, espeacially reptiles reflects more on this hobby every day.. Il also add, to avoid any war starting from this post that Iam not directing this to anyone on this site, most seem to really care about what they do keep, and show pride in that.
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