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Dunno what most of you think, but as for me, working in an animal shelter, I've seen pits from both extremes, good and bad.

The bad pits showed aggression to people and animals. Almost all came from bad home, drug dealers, drunkards, macho wannabe teenagers, people who want a cheap security system and dun like animals.

The good ones were the most suckiest dog's I've ever met. Most were my favs. But one same common thing was being dominant over other dogs and some aggression. But of course there were exceptions to all these extremes.

The breed was meant to be dog aggressive (dog fighting). Hence they've become to rely upon their human family as their packs. More so than other breeds. IMO, a pit who's dog aggressive is behaving as it should (whether acceptable or not) but a pit who's human aggressive needs to be looked at again.

Just my two cents.
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