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That's the one. We read an article after the first was published that the animals or some of them had to be returned. They don't have any laws in Innisfil, so they had no right to take them. The SPCA and law enforcement officers have no idea as to how to care for the animals, so they realy couldn't judge as to how the animals should have been kept.

I believe(trying to recall from my feeble memory). That the owners had to help recupe some of the socalled veterinary costs. They had a complaint, so the SPCA barged in and confiscated the animals. As far as we know, the animals could have been cared for properly, they just acted on the fact that they are reptiles and overreacted. The owners must have been doing something right, they are returning some of them. I'm not a big fan of the SPCA. It's funny how the SPCA didn't mention that in the article, hmmmmm.
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