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Originally posted by M_surinamensis
I know some will consider me a killjoy here but... Why name snakes?
IMHO, it's an attachment thing. The above poster said it well, with we wouldn't name a human child "male 001". It is soooo impersonal. My snakes, and other reptiles all have names, or will have. They are my pets. not breeding projects, not just snakes, they are pets.

anyways, names here:

Bearded dragons: Silva ( snow male ), Meka ( Hawiian for eyes ), Kiyomi, and Lizzie.

Snakes: Karma ( normal corn ), Promise (BRB).
2 unnamed, my hoggie ( although b ! tch suits her well ) and my new guy ( BCI)

Leopard gecko's: Stubby, Stubbs, Kiara, Sahara, and 2 unnamed.

Larry the female Iguana
Brandy the dog.

snake food 1-16 ( rat babies )
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