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Originally posted by M_surinamensis
Why name snakes? but what's wrong with 1.0BCC#001 and 0.1BCC#001? Or if that's *too* clinical, why not just "The male boa" "The female boa"?
to some, that's like naming a human child "human male", wouldn't look too good on a birth certificate.

some think of our snakes as part of the family.... not just "things".

no matter how many i have, which right now is at 15, they are all pets, they are all different, and have different personalities. they deserve names.

ball pythons:

Amy - my first snake
Gwen - she's my mentally ******** & my favourite.
Jasmine - gwens sister & almost full stripped
Hansel & Gretyl - my het for axanthic pair
Calista - the big eater & great to show little kids
Spike - so named for his sharp tail!
Mr.Big - well, we thought he was big until........
Lucy - used to be "lucky" with previous owner, my 3000 gram girl!
"The new little girl ball" - not named cuz i just got her and haven't thought of a good one yet!

berm: Zeul - our princess

*goes to think of name for new one*
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