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Originally posted by RMBolton

So, I am not going to tell you not to worry about it; it's unlikely but not impossible that the child's safety is at risk. Therein lies the fear and your girlfriend is justified.
You can take all the precautions you desire but accidents happen.
Just being a realist....
All risks with babies and snakes are 100% preventable. No snake can escape a properly-secured enclosure. If you look at the venomous forum you don't see threads "my viper escaped", etc., popping up everywhere like you do in the Ball Python forum. I know I have my cat living in the same room my snakes do, and I am 100% secure in that situation. When a baby is involved there is no room for error, it is quite simple... babies don't handle snakes, have access to them, and snakes are securely locked in their escape-proof homes. As long as those common-sense rules are followed, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It is only as risky as the person responsible creates it to be.
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