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*pulls out hair*

I just talked to the Alberta SPCA, apparently they are not like Ontario at all....... the landlord can state which pets are allowed and which are not (and even ask for a fee to cover any damages a pet may cause?!?!?! holy crap!!!!!)

Sorry to get your hopes up...... Alberta sucks!!! I like it here in ontario where i can tell my landlord to shove it, my 15 snakes get to stay where they are!

Sorry again, i really thought it was it was a Canada wide thing..... maybe you can start the movement so it should be!

Good luck finding a place....... may i suggest omitting the fact you have reptiles? sounds like it's the only way in sometimes!

I have to go now.... I have a rampaging, piano playing, child eating, super venomous python that convinces teenagers to smoke on the loose...... thank god i took the death ray off him!

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