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Common now Marisa, there is a HUGE difference between breeding chickens and housing / breeding reptiles, lets me serious here. That is comparing apples and cucumbers...LOL. And lets be serious, all of your arguments here are irrelevant to a certain extent.

Sometimes I feel some of the hobbys problems are created by us keepers ignoring the truth of the situation....reptiles are not the perfect pet. Things happen, accidents happen and dumb people buy them and do stupid things. Ignoring the problems they can bring won't help us as much as being silent wont help either.
No pet is perfect. Dogs go to the washroom on peoples lawns, they bark, they have the potential to bite, and boy can they ever stink. Cats also defecate on peoples lawns, they can stink, they can bite, they can scratch, they are allergenic, they can cause a lot of noise as well. And birds, I am sure we all know the noise potential here. What about all the dog owners who neglect their pets? Trust me, I see at least five a day - and do they not have the potential to escape? And are people not freightened by dogs? The rest of the points made cover it all, but I thought I would throw a few pennies into the discussion.
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