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I have lived in my duplex with at times upto 300+ snakes. Most of my neighbours etc. except for my friends don't even know they exist & those that do only because I tell them. Animal control comes around all the time to deal with dogs & cats either because they are attacking people (dogs) or killing things (cats) or just being a general problem. My snakes have never caused any traffic accidents by running across the road in front of a vehicle either. There are also problems with the Cats spraying, pooping in flowerbeds & gardens, fighting/breeding at night (real pleasant in the summer) & digging threw the trash cans etc. etc. etc. They (dogs & cats) are known to literally destroy carpets, lawns etc. ask any landlord. 2 words describe a pet kept properly. Controlled & contained. Dog & Cat people still can't seem to get this straight more often than not, but we reptile people are continually singled out. My snakes have never scared anyone or destroyed their property or caused them any grief due to noise etc. because they are properly controlled & contained yet I see people cross the street all the time just so they won't have to walk by certain peoples yards which contain barking dogs even though they are controlled (?) & contained. Prejudge pure & simple NUFF SAID!
P.S. Let it be known that I do like dogs & cats, but dislike the ways they are kept more often then not. Remember 2 words CONTROLLED & CONTAINED!
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