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Yeah, we're going to have fun with those health authorities.

I'm not looking to sue them because they are not doing anything illegal. It would be a different story if they said "no pets allowed", just as if they say "no children allowed." But what if they said only female children allowed, or only white children allowed, or only Asian children allowed? There would be an OUTRAGE! This is my point - if you're going to allow pets, allow pets. If you're going to allow only caged pets or only *quiet* pets, fine. But allowing known loud pets like birds and dogs, and allergenic pets like cats, and not allowing reptiles shows the utter ignorance and stupidity that is pervading this country.

Maybe if enough people write to them though, they will change their mind. And if they don't, oh well. I'll find someone else to give my money to.
- Ken LePage
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