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I don't really see how a private company not allowing exotic snakes into their building is "discrimination"

Can no one else see why they made this rule? Not for us responsible keepers, but to prevent problems caused by irresponsible people who allow these snakes to escape, smell and god knows what else.

They do not allow me to keep farm animals in my area as it is not zoned for farming. But if I breed exotic chickens as a hobby, would my neighborhood be discriminating against me since I can't keep them here? No, its called find a farm zoned place to live or don't keep chickens.

I am agreeing that reptile hobby is generally treated like crap. But I certaintly do not think a private company choosing to avoid the problems that can most certaintly come with reptile owners is discrimination. Just MHO. Sometimes I feel some of the hobbys problems are created by us keepers ignoring the truth of the situation....reptiles are not the perfect pet. Things happen, accidents happen and dumb people buy them and do stupid things. Ignoring the problems they can bring won't help us as much as being silent wont help either.

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