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My fiancee used to work at boardwalk and as far as I remember they only allowed small breed dogs, and cats. They do not let you keep big breed dogs. Al least not in the apartment complexes. This could be different in the townhouses. As far as I believe this type of rule is becuase of the inexperienced herp keepers that have animals escape.

It is their property and as such they will set the rules. I am glad I am not a renter any more because of this.Definitely not a bad idea to voice your opinion, but due to the fact that reptiles keepers are a minority compared to cat / dog /non pet people, it would be pretty hard to sway their decision about reptiles.

Greg West

My fiancee ran into a lot of renters with reptiles but never mentioned any problems about them having them. I think if you had to move in, don't let them know, but you are running the risk down the road if they find out. Private renters are much easier to deal with but then you basically eliminate all apartments.
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