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LOL, it's the opposite for me. I'm the wife and my husband won't touch any of my reptiles. I believe it's because he's afraid of them, his manliness won't allow him to admit it though. I am ok with it for the most part, (it would be nice to have someone hold critters while I'm cleaning). I have my own hobbies as he has his. In a way, it would suck if I didn't have something all to myself. He's ok with me having them, although I too have worked him up from a corn snake and leopard gecko.

We always talk about money being spent, so he knows about anything prior to my purchase. We also talk about the animals and their characteristics. Once he's educated, he is usually ok with it. For sure he wouldn't allow me to have any monster snakes, large monitors or anything hot. I do my best to respect his wishes as I like him to respect mine
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