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Hehe some of those were hilarious - my wife is a little odd - she's perfectly cool with the pythons (finds the afrock a bit too active), has her own liasis fuscus, is deathly afraid of the caliKing and refuses to hold the Sudanese Plated Lizard (most tractable lizard i've ever encountered) because "It has legs"! :O
3.4 ball pythons; 0.1 African rock python; 1.0 brown water python; 0.1 Sumatran Red Blood; 1.0 Black Blood Python; 1.0 Durango mountain kingsnake; 0.1 striped California kingsnake; 1.0 Pueblan milksnake; 1.0 Sudanese plated lizard; 1.1 canines; 0.1 feline; 4.1 humans
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