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Something I wrote.. and no I wasn't high :P

I had a short dream which triggered this thought so I wrote it down. just thought I would share it.

My Dream
I'm standing here facing you as the water pours down on us. The steam building around us. You press yourself against me and I close my eyes.

I feel this rain falling washing away our sins... the sins of our past... the sins we are about to commit.

Your hands search my back feeling the scars I have collected over time... searching for the one you put there. Can't find it can you? You won't. It feels like the back of a crocodile.

When I Woke Up
I don't feel pain like I should.
I have been cut deep many times but when it happens it feels like a scratch. When I look down I realise how deep it really is. But I always heal. But healing leaves these scars. Scars make sure you never forget. Scars are lessons learnt... hopefully.

Did you know that crocodiles and alligators have such an amazing immune system that in the wild they lose limbs and parts of their tail in battles yet still survive and thrive! If they lose a leg they can stop the flow of blood to that area to prevent themselves from bleeding to death. They were made to survive and they have since the time of the dinosaurs. I understand and realise my closeness to them even more now.

The mating of crocodiles is beautiful. The male calls the female and when she arrives he swims under her and gently blows bubbles under her body until she is ready. They guard their eggs and young with their life. Taking care of their young for up to 4 years until they are big enough to handle most predators.

See.. we are not just cold blooded reptiles with no feelings even though it might seem that way at first.
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