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Tammy, it was great meeting you too! Hope you're enjoying Mr. Nosey!
Yes! He's awesome! Don't know if I told you or not, but had to give him a bath in the hotel because he pooped in the bag. Didn't like the water very much, and decided to soak me and Julie with a wave. He's so neat.

My babies are in Saskatchewan! Thanks for posting the pics, it's neat to see them in the care of someone else. Hope they do well for you. Some of mine are approaching 1 1/2 inches. Still eating like pigs. Nice skinks too.

Leviathan, post pics of myself or the trip? Or both? Dave got some awesome pics of the show, hopefully he'll be able to post them soon. I thought I was introduced to you, but I'm not sure... were you with a tall guy?

Tammy fooled us all with her shorter cropped hair & no glasses, but I still knew it was her by her avatar pic. Much more pretty in person as were all of you other female "specimens"
Aww come on. You're making me blush! It was neat to put names to faces. The only one I recognised right away was Ken, spotted him right away in the parking lot. And I realised who Jeff T was as soon as I stopped looking at his geckos and saw the hair.

Better keep an eye on her
Lol! Katt just needs to keep more of an eye on those darn kingsnakes!

Argh! I thought I heard someone mention you had more under the table. Darn, those things are neat! They're not very skittish either.

Had so much fun!
Tammy Rehbein
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