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Originally posted by marisa
If you do, I'd love to see it as this discussion was taking place on another forum and I'd like to add any page you can find that details a case of death from drinking NIX.

Most people agree that apparently only a couple snakes have died from NIX and that was using almost FULL strength. I have never ever heard of another case of death.
I'm not sure about posting a link to another snake forum so I'll PM you, Marisa, and anyone else who is interested.

I hadn't heard of any cases of snakes dying from Nix treatment either (except for the coating it on snakes full strength deal ). Definately, the Nix is safe and extremely effective - when used correctly. Just like any chemical, you have to use some precautions.

Again, the Nix bath.. you can let the snake drink first to avoid it feeling the need to gulp the solution, or you could just omit both steps entirely and spray the snake with it quickly instead (I find they accept it better by aiming the nozzle upwards to let it fall like rain).
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