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Alecia, I think for the male Hogg call him "Boss Hogg" like from the "Dukes of Hazard" LOL You say I'm hilarious. Does that mean like "funny Ha Ha" or otherwise like funny looking or smelling LOL Take some pics that do those herps justice! That Uro looks like crap compared to in person. It must be seen to appreciate its colors! Gords Jungles are way more impressive in person too. Those ones are related to the one I have that looks like a Diamond cross (same clutch or clutches from late Aug/early Sept 03 I think). Was that BP the one from Kyle? Tammy fooled us all with her shorter cropped hair & no glasses, but I still knew it was her by her avatar pic. Much more pretty in person as were all of you other female "specimens" LOL Hope to see everyone again soon & good luck to all with the new "kids". Mark
P.S. Alecia you shouldn't admit to yelling at the voices in your head whether you realize that they are real or not Heh Heh not that I'd recomend the clucking either LOL Ah yes normal is boring!
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