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I would like too point something out in reguards to the snakes trying to drink the solution. I spray new specimens as part of an initial quarantine procedure. It is recommended that you offer the specimen water prior to doing so. Quite often because they have been in transport etc. they will be thirsty. It is best to have offered fresh drinking water first, prior to the "Nixing" of the animal. That way it has already had a drink & will not be likely to try & ingest NIX. I would also recomend removing the H2O bowls during treatment so the snakes can't bathe in them, washing the Nix off of them & into the water that they may drink. Just offer them water daily long enough to get a drink or if you do leave it in change it daily to avoid it being contaminated. Remember that an animal infested with mites is apt to soak so I'd recomend just removing it & offering the specimen clean water daily to have a drink from. looks like Mykee answered things pretty much already : ) I would keep the feeders away as far as they can be though if possible just in case as I'm not sure 100% on how they might be affected. I would think Mykee is right as long as there is no direct contact between them & the spray, but if i had a different spot for them for the next few weeks I would consider using it. Mites make a guy just paranoid in general though eh LOL Good Luck & Nathan's treatment (not that he created it, but has helped promote it lots) is the best I've ever used. Mark
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