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More NIX/mite questions

sorry, don't know which section this should go into...

brief rundown: I didn't quarentine My new bci has mites. My "snakeroom" aka guest bedroom has: 4 snakes, 1 iguana, 5 leopard gecko's, 3 rats, 3 betta's, and mealworm and superworm colonies, and crickets.

I'm using NIX based on the article by Nathan Curtis.

My questions:

1. Is it harmful for my snakes? I'm meaning if they lick it. The article says spray liberally including face, other places I've read that it is harmful if the snake licks it off.......ummmmmm. I sprayed it all over all of my snakes....yes they licked it. Is there something I need to do/worry about?

2. Should I remove the feeder bugs/rodents from the room while spraying?

3. Will bathing the snakes daily help at all?

4. should i change the substrate ( plain paper ) daily?

5. does temp have an affect on mites? ( ie: raising the temps inhibit the eggs hatching, or anything like that?)

mmm, I think that's it for now.

I will probally think of more questions, but I'm off clean/vacuum the snake room and spray anything I may have missed last night


edit: #6: I also have greens growing in this room for my lizards. They are higher than what I will be spraying, but I did spray yesterday without removing them.

are they still safe to feed?
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