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I think people sould just not sell to minors without a parent or Legal Gaurdian period! If the kid has kept many reptiles before I'm sure he will understand if it's just common practice. As for buying from people. Make sure you know who you are buying from! When I got my Womas one of them died a couple days later because his intestinal tract had not developed properly. Unfortunatley the person I got them from brokered them from someone else and he got them from someone else. (learning experience) So when it died I could have been SOL because the two people that it cam from first didn't care and weren't going to do nothing! Even after I sent them an autopsy report showing why it died! Thankfully I got it from someone I trust and he ended up reaching into his pocket and paid for a new one for me!!!
In the words of a Ball python, "I won't eat it, but I'll squeeze it."
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