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Lol! I second that Vanan. Running on pure exitement. I usually eat like every two hours, and I ate barely at all the whole weekend. Survived on chocolate covered coffee beans, those things sure help when you get no sleep. Went up with Tim, Julie, and Dave, which was totally awsome. Glad I got to meet you all! Came home with a bunch of sweet stuff too. Thanks to everyone who I got animals from. Ended up bringing home 1.1 central americans, a pair of emps, couple of longtailed grass lizards (those things have LONG tails!), female normal corn, and a BIG Pituophis. (which is so cool by the way, thanks Vanan) Spent $210, and I would have spent more if I'd have taken more. Way too much good stuff happened at that show. Ask Tim B. about the wildlife and the midgets. .

Dave, I think you brought back more than anyone else there! Love the ackie and the JCP. No regrets!

Will definately try to make it to the fall show. Had so much fun meeting you all! That king sure had a nice hold on you there Katt. How did you get him to let go?

Take care everyone. I was blown away by the whole deal.

Tammy Rehbein
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