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I spent two bloody hours reading that thread. You are an evil, evil child, posting that link. I hope your geckos get in your pants and bite your butt! It was an interesting read though

I think your question depends on the situation. The people in that thread did some stupid things, and then expected the seller to accept responsibility.

If you were a newbie considering ordering something that's going to be shipped, don't make it your first purchase. Earn a reputation in face to face dealings first (which you're doing). Once you have a good reputation, age matters so much less.

Heck, there's a lot of adults I wouldn't give the time of day over on the BOI. But there are several "youngsters" on here I would buy from or sell critters to, no problem.

It will be a lot easier for me though, as I'll be shipping animals dead and packed in dry ice If they arrive alive, then the buyer has a real tourist attraction on their hands.
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