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Warning to others:

Read the EULA when installing the software.

It's made by the makers of Kazaa, who install the Gator (now called Claria) spyware behind the scenes.

Gator collects info on your surfing habits, as well as other info from forms you fill out. It has been reported that data sent by Gator to the master servers has contained personal user info such as credit card numbers. Gators stance is that they will not abuse this information, but do you really want passwords and credit cards in the hands of a company that doesn't tell you everything that you're installing (in plain english) when you run their software?

At this time Skype does not install any additional software, but the EULA that you click accept on to install the software gives them permission to install applications on your system remotely. So at any time they can do so.

There are many other alternatives out there, designed with the general public or gamers in particular in mind.

Ventrilo ( is a good one, and junk free.
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