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Spoils from Taras :D

So this is the loot I brought back! As you can tell I had a great weekend. Thanks a million to Henry for buying my cresteds for his daughter so I could get my beautiful Somali Uro, Azure!!! Oh and here he is...

Then we picked up a pair of Jungle Carpet Pythons. Very nice looking!



Oh and a pair of Hogs! (thanks Annette, they look even better safe at home!)


Female... and she will be named Miss Piggy!

What else... a new female BP, Columbian Tegu, Cal King and Pacman!

Sorry if some of the pics didn't turn out. I'll post better ones once they've settled in. Hope you enjoyed!


The columbian Tegu is now Raz, the Jcp's are Lady Deathstrike and Wolverine!
In the words of a Ball python, "I won't eat it, but I'll squeeze it."

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