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Originally posted by Samba

Just a question, what made you think of this topic?
I was reading the BOI on Fauna classifieds (I posted the link above). It is a LONG thread. In short, a private seller sold a snake to a couple of people who he assumed were a business based on the way they conducted themselves in email. He was asked to send the snake to a separate address because the original buyer(s) would not be home to take the animal. The seller found out later from an email from an angry mother that the buyer was 15 years old and the snake was dead. It didn't arrive dead, but it was mysteriously dead 2 days later. The seller thinks there is something fishy since the animal was fine when he shipped it and the receiver claimed the animal was fine when it arrived.

Like I said previously, I was following along thinking that since he got messed up selling to a minor, the minor would be exempt from contract and the seller would have to refund the money. But the more I thought about it, the more I remember that kids buy all sorts of stuff and are responsible for the outcome. The only difference in this case was that the animal was shipped through FedEx and not picked up by the kid(s).

It makes me also a little wary of who I would buy or sell animals to. I don't have a large collection but I generally tend to stay with reputable dealers. However, I haven't been that particular about who I sell to. Fortunately, I have only sold to people I meet face to face and I don't think too many people would cry over losing the $10 geckos I've been selling recently It usually costs me more in gas to meet up with the buyers.

Don't worry I don't plan to shipping dead animals to people

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