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Minimum age to buy reptiles

Recently I found the BOI (especially the US "original" one) to be like a big soap opera - yes, I am pathetic - and I've been following this particular thread.

Fauna topic

The question is: If I was a 14 or 15 year old and I bought an animal from some seller (without mommy's permission), and the animal ended up dying or arriving dead, could my mother win a court battle to get the money back? For a while I was thinking she might win since I would be under the legal age to make a contract but when I really was under 18 (a long time ago) I used to buy all sorts of small animals from the pet store. And if they died, I was SOL. Is the seller obligated to offer any warranty even if he isn't a business?

And so I ask, strictly hypothetically: if I was a crooked seller, could I send a dead snake to a kid and when it arrives at his home, claim it was alive when I sent it ? This is under the assumption I wouldn't get caught.

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