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I agree with Chris, muzzling a dog (unless the dog is actually vicious) just makes things worse. My labs are chronic leash pullers so we put a Halti on them when we take them out on leash. If any of you haven't seen a Halti, it's like a horse bridle for dogs, the leash attaches to the part that goes around the muzzle and controls the dog's head so it can't pull. I looks somwhat like a muzzle (although it wouldn't make a very good one, considering that the dog can open it's mouth fully) and I've had so many people think it was a muzzle and they avoid us while walking, or if one of my dogs gets excited and jumps around they assume that the dog is crazy and about to go on a rampage...I've heard people say "Oh no! That dog's going to attack that other dog!" Ya, right, how many attacking dogs do you see wagging their tails and NOT growling? My dogs love other dogs, if the "muzzle" weren't on these people wouldn't think anything of my dog jumping around with another.
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