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Congratulations Kristina,

I know you will enjoy him. I have a Timneh and had an African Grey. The Timnehs are truly my faves.

Sapphire Moon: regarding the "one person" bird, actually that is not true, they will go through phases. Regular handling, play time and "snuggle time" by everyone in the household goes a long way to a healthy long term relationship with these birds. And they actually are not all that large, unlike the Africans. Our timneh runs the house and has free reign. The only time he actually goes into his cage, is if we have outside doors open for bring stuff in and out of the house. Otherwise, the 500.00 cage does an admirable job of holding up his water dish.. He has to be part of meal times which can get pretty messy at times and enjoys play time. It is amazing how much entertainment they will get by destroying a toilet paper roll, or let him loose with a full box of Kleenex. Ours has a wide vocabulary for only being 3 years old and will respond easily to situations.

And yes Kristina, four months is average until they are ready to fly. But I would recommend you keep the wings clipped at this age, as they don't have the strength or agility to sustain flight and more often then not will end up crash landing, Just make sure you try the maiden flight over a bed first..

If you would like my "special birdie bean mix" drop me a pm and I will be happy to give you the recipe. This stuff is easy to make and store. Oh yes , and watch what you say around the bird, it is amazing how much they will pick up and retain for future use.


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