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Damien........sorry to hear about your problems, but here we have the same garbage rules too. My guys are harmless and I trust them 110% with my young children and visitors in the house when we are home. On the other hand, I have to say that I DO pity the sorry a$$ that decides to breakin to the house for a treasure hunt.
As for the dogs at the park......LOL....yeah right....this breed has generations upon generations of selective breeding for people interaction and genetic build. The breed is originally back from the black plague was ramid and the Knights used to pitts to clear bears out from around their properties.
I do have to say though, that bad owners make bad dogs. Whether it be a pitt or a rat with hair, they are all capable of inflicting damage. It is the fact that the pitt has 1200lb preesure/square inch in its bite, that makes it seem all that much worse. You put 120lbs on a chiuaua(sp) and I would hate to see the damage those little buggers would be able to inflict.
Just my two cents, and beautiful dogs both Damien and Grant!!!!
This is my girl Rogue, and she is the best of temperment!
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