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I'll let Erin post what she got, but here were my spoils:

1.0 Yellow kenyan.... oh wait.... I was GOING to get that one, but I delayed my purchase, and a certain little blonde girl who has already posted in this thread got it.... who could that be? lol

Ok, what I did get:

1.0 HUGE male Jungle Carpet Python - The biggest male I have ever personally seen - Thanks Mark IsBell!

0.1 Anery Aztec (zig-zag) corn - About 3/4 of the body is Aztec - Thanks again Mark IsBell!

0.1 Miami Phase corn snake - Thanks Katt & Vanan!

0.1 BCI - Super light with an ELECTRIC tail - Thanks Henry Piorun! Pleasure to finally do some business with ya!

0.1 Dumeril's boa - VERY pretty girl. Thanks for trading, Varanus69!

1.0 Adult Amazon tree boa - garden phase, with a typical ATB personality - Thanks Senator Gracken!

And here's the one that will shock you the most....

0.0.1 Pink Toe Tarantula - adult or sub-adult - Thanks Walter!

Yes, that's right folks... I got MYSELF a Tarantula. Me, Mr. Arachnophobe. Only one way to cure a phobia though!

Thanks to everyone who made this a really fun show, even we didn't end up doing any business. It was really a fantastic time, including the sleep dep. Katt & Vanan, you two were awesome company for the weekend and you are welcome any time!

So, Edmonton this weekend, then BC, then Red Deer, then the Fall show... I'll see how many of these I can make it to.
- Ken LePage
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