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One thing to keep in mind with these statistics is that the dogs ranked at the top of the lists are very popular large dog breeds, it's unlikely that, for example, Finnish Spitz would be at the top of the list, because very few people own them, similarly, one would be less likely to see Chihuahaus because they are so small that their bites are less likely to require hospitalization and therefore, less likely to be catalogued in a statistical survey...Basically, I don't see how Pit Bulls can be considered any more prone to bite people than most large dog breeds, I think that they probably get more publicity (as do Rottweilers, etc...) because when they do attack the consequences are more severe. A Labrador Retriever doesn't have the huge Lb/sq inch bite pressure that a Rottweiler or Pit Bull does...This just goes to show that ANY dog can be dangerous if they aren't trained and socialized properly.

The only reason that Pit Bulls have a terrible reputation is because stupid people buy them to look "cool" and they can't provide the environment necessary for them to be mentally sound. And that is the biggest problem, because it innevitably leads to misbehaviour, like biting and attacks.

P.S. When I refer to "biting" and "attacking" I mean dog biting/attacking human, not dog biting dog...there are, undoubtedly, certain breeds of dog that aren't good with other dogs, as there are breeds of dog that aren't good with cats or children...

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