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Originally posted by WALTER
I had to change to many people slapping my A$$! Most were not of the female species either, lol.
Serves you right for letting people like Chris and Mo near you. They make a nice couple.

I, did not hold the blackhead either, but I saw it.

Show was good, actually got to visit with people a little bit. Favorite thing was the snake neck turtle, then probably the blackhead.

Best part of the whole trip was stopping at Reptile World in Drumheller on the way home. Got a behind the scenes tour by Shawn, watched him feed some stuff and then Dave showed up and took us to the new facility. 2 weeks of building so far, they will be in there just over 1 month from now (June 1).

Not too often one goes to a zoo, and the curators want to get a picture taken with the snake you had in the truck.

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