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Walter! You da man! lol

Great show and great people were met. Me and Katt were running on pure adrenaline this whole weekend. Needless to say we're experiencing the down now. Sleep...must....sleeep

Thanks to Ken and Erin for keeping me up and giving me red eyes in the morning! :P

Huge thanks to all whom I purchased from, you know who you are.

No holding of Aspidites here but got to hold the most valueable snakes at the show, my own!

The Haul:
Great Basin Gopher
Ptyas korros
Scincella reevesii
Great Basin Spadefoots (Thanks again Tammy!)
Ribbon snakes
Colony of Bibron's geckos (Yummy!)
Bunch of feeder insects (More yummy!)

Ron, I need those Tropidophurus!!!
The Herp Room

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