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So you did get the Somali!!! Awesome!!

I picked up so many cal kings and I didn't mean to! I blame Marisa!

0.3 california kings! Adults (Christian, turns out that last one was a fem!) All these fems and NO MALE!!
Two from Henry, one is a gorgeous 50/50 with an awesome plain belly, a stunning (crimsonking watch out!) fully striped coastal, and lastly, an adoptee from Christian, a desert phase abbereant (dot-dash) absolutely amazing!!

0.1 adult Goini/Appalachicola king Thanks again Christian!!!

Also an adorable li'l baby fire skink from Lowell Shaw. Captive bred by Lowell. Still retaining a bit of juvenile pattern. Li'l nipper bit me so much! Course it didn't hurt. Ate a waxie for me that day.

As for Walter picture. Wow! Pink looks great!!

Saw a ton of people. Wow, I can't even name everyone. What a great show. Except of course for some jerk who ripped off a GTP from Henry P.

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