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I fully agree that there are other breeds that might bite people more than pitt bulls but when it comes to damage pitt bull in my opinion rank right up there.

The owner of such an animal is most responsible for the animal's behavior but we can't deny the breeding that went in to this breed either. They were bred to fight and withstand almost anything, to think that they would be cute, cuddly pooches with no other concern would be silly. I've met quite a few stupid people that get them to look tough and be cool. It is unfortunate that those people and they're dogs are the biggest representatives.

I for one have seen pitts agressive againts people and have myself stopped a dog fight that included a pitt. I was **** lucky that I didn't get harmed in the process and the owner was unbelievably stupid. I don't hold the breed per say at fault but how does one know how it was raised? How do I know it's raised by a responsible owner or an idiot??? I don't take my chances anymore as I was lucky enough the first time in a tough situation.

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