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Heres some stats i have from a pit bull website....

1988: APBT ranked 9th w/9 per cent of bites
1989: APBT ranked 5th w/15 per cent
1990: APBT ranked 5th w/16 per cent
1991: APBT ranked 9th w/10 per cent
1992: APBT ranked 2nd w/20.4 per cent (w/cocker spaniel showing in 1st)
1993: APBT ranked 5th w/16 per cent

Some of the breeds which placed above the Pit Bull's were Dalmations, Chows, Labs, Goldens, Rotties, Dobermans, and the Cocker Spaniel.

If anyone would like to read further on this info, heres the link
Grant van Gameren
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