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No, my pits do not show any aggressiveness to humans, just very strong, dominant aggression towards other dogs.

So walking down a busy street, and a dog passes by, all hell breaks lose, sometimes.
This being observed by all the passer by's , begins the negative views on these dogs.

The thing that really bugs me is that a lil fluff ball dog will be yappin away at mine, and no one will think anything of it.
then my dogs get mad and growl back, since mine do it much better and along with there build, makes ppl think negatively.

its an ongoing problem ive been having, and i do my best to avoid it, but sometimes its impossible.

these guys are fine in the home, and thats why there such family dogs, however, nuetered or not, many pits view the outside world in a totally different perspective then other dogs , and believe that the world is there territory.

One can take many steps to do there best in controlling there behaviour, but it is rare for a pit to be totally fine offleash in a park full of dogs once they have reached sexual maturity. neutered or not.

Grant van Gameren
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