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That's terrible! As Shane said, the person/s involved in obviously knows nothing. To have a dog muzzled even in a *controlled* situation, much less on *your* property is absolutely rediculous. Beautiful dog, it's a shame not everyone can see it that way. I hate how they are portayed that way. Even the stats speak differently, last year the highest number of dog attacks goes to no other than the Labrador Retriever, but I doubt we will see the day those are banned or have heavy restrictions placed on them.......

I'm not so sure I agree with you in that the population of mean pits outweighs the nice ones. I've known so many people that own/breed these beautiful animals, none of them have ever had problems with their dogs. Some were rescued animals, some brought up in one type of environment with very irresponsible people, some that actually knew what they were doing - none had ever shown a single sign of agression. Sure animals all have their insticts, and need to be raised a certain way, but for surely I wouldve seen at least one out of the dozen I have seen had the percentage of mean ones outweigh the nice.......
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