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I got my first tat at the age of 18. My parents are very conservative, so I had to wait until I could do it on my own. They are as follows chronologically:
1. blue rose with tribals on ankle 10cm long (blue rose is rare,
has thorns, not perfect, tribal looks like wind=freedom)
2. butterfly on hip (short lifespan=no regrets)
3. Celtic knotwork on upper back between shoulder blades 15-20
cm long (am Pagan, follow Celtic paths)
4. Celtic knotwork on lower back 15-20 cm wide
5. moon on left breast
6. sun on right breast
7. 2 intwined Celtic dragons on left upper arm/shoulder 7cm (my
marriage, husband has same tat same spot)

So those are my tats. I eventually want my entire back covered in Celtic knotwork. I've thought about getting a Celtic torque tat around my neck.

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