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Right now I only have three. Would've been more had I found my new <a href="">tattooist, Justin, </a> earlier, as well as I often am too wishy washy with my ideas to settle on something. My previous one put me on the backburner when it came to drawing up stuff and eventually I got fed up and went elsewhere (after waiting for a whole freakin year and nothing to show for it ).

I got my first tattoo when I was 16, a black tribal lizard on my back. I also have a black tribalish tat on my forearm/wrist of a snake and eternity symbol, as well as an incomplete black tribalish partial sleeve. It doesn't really look incomplete, more just a big black tat that starts at the top of my shoulder and goes just past my elbow, so I'm giving it a rest for now and currently focusing on a different tat. Justin is currently drawing up a Halloween scene for my lower back, I'm really excited about it!

I agree, tats sure are as addictive and wallet-draining as herps.
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