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I have mixed feelings on this, ....
Although i have 2 pits, i have witnessed first hand what these dogs can do.
Even my 4 month old female has shown increasing aggression, as well as different styles of playing then what most other dogs play like at that age. Which eventually allienates her in the park from the others, and out the window goes my chances of properly socializing her.

This begins the problem.
If i cant let my dog interact with other dogs, and if ppl are too scared to come up to pet her, then how will she ever get socialized to be around dogs and ppl and deal with certain situations in society.

Not all pits are bad, nor are all good.
But a substantial amount of them are not ur regular lab, and whether nice or not, each and everyone has an increased chance of doing severe damage compared to most other breeds.

The mean pits far outway the good pits in Canada, so there really isn't enough substantial evidence to use to fight a law like this.
The last thing i would want to do is have my dog on a leash and muzzle 24/7, but by conforming to this, in a sense, you are giving in, but u are also taking the issue off the table and can thank god they are not banning the breed, something which they very well could do if pit aggressiveness continues to escalate.

Which, if i may add, i do think pit aggressiveness will escalate and they will be banned sonner then later.
And i am dreadding the day, but there isn't enough responsible owners to take charge. Or is there???

If there was an organization i could join or help establish in Canada, i would devote as much time as i could to it.
But i have heard of none. at least not locally. and do not have the time myself to start one.

Although not a law in ontario yet, i have pondered on the idea of starting my dogs on muzzles. i have also been decreasing the amount of time in the park, and keeping them active using otherways.
These dogs are definately great dogs, however, there are strict conditions that an environment must have for these guys to grow up properly. And i have found it increasingly harder in an urban city to keep these guys and get them the type of stimulis they need to get past there genetic past.

And for those ppl who say genetics doesn't play a big role on the aggressiveness in this breed, ur dreaming.
However, there are some pits that seem to have been passed down from heaven, and beat any Lab or good ol'e mutt intellectually, obedience, gentleness, etc...

I am also a firm believer that the owner has alot to do with the way a pit turns out, however, these dogs have instincts embedded in them that is very very hard to deter. And even the most established trainer cannot always work a pit.

And me as a owner, do my best to train and socialize these dogs, but i find it extremely hard in some aspects, but again I can only do my best. And i would not give up my dogs, under any circumstance.
Unless i felt they were becomming a real threat to society.

Damien, This must be a really hard change for you, im sorry its happening over there, but i am sure i will feel the effects soon.
All u can do is educate those u come across and train and portray your dogs as a good breed.
But these guys had a rep before we got em, and will cotinue to have it far after we are gone.

My advice, .....Live for the moment. Cause no one can take THAT away.....

I'm gonna go snuggle up to my dogs and kiss em now, sorry for the long rant, hope ya made it...

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