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If you're referring to the book by Manuel Areste and Rafael Cebrian, there are definitely a lot of mistakes. They seem mostly translation issues, since the original was in either Spanish or Portuguese.

As said above the info is probably accurate but the translator should have used amphibious instead of amphibian.

Some of the temperature info in the bok is not only wrong, but dangerous if you were looking for husdandry info.

It would seem that the temperatures were originally calculated in Celsius. Then when it was translated for the US audience the temperatures were converted directly to Fahrenheit, but not in context.

So since 0 or 0.5 celcius would convert to 32 Fahrenheit on a thermometer they get some wacky results.

When talking about how sensitive a snake is to changes in heat, the original text would appear to have meant that the snake can detect changes less than 1 degree celsius. When converted to Fahrenheit, the text says the snake can detect temp changes as small as 32 degrees. Big oops.
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