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Ya, southpark pinball is another one of my list of pinballs to get. There is actually a profanity rom for the Terminator 2 pinball, I'm hopeing to pick it up off ebay in the near future.


Yea it really can turn into a new addicition. I've put a ton of work into my Addam's Family pinball and it really is fun to watch it all take shape. One of my favorite add on's I did to my Addams Family is I added an Uncle festor to the Electric Chair...

But I was able to pickup my Terminator 2 Pinball last night and I've been playing it for the last few hours, just grabbed a few pics of my 2 pinballs while I was at it to.

The front of the Addams familt looks all beat up because I took the lock down bar and glass off for the pic.

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