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That's BullSh*t. Im really sorry that you have to go through all that. There is no excuse. Your dog acts the way its trained. Its the people that raise their dogs for fights that give the rest of the community bad names. A muzzle in your own yard? Not to mention the leash. Your dog deserves to be able to Run in its OWN yard. I can understand a leash in the park, but your OWN yard? That's crazy.!!! I know how you feel though, my neighbour called the city etc on us for our dog having the run of the yard, she complained that her kids were afraid of the dog and he barked at night when we had him out. We live in the country and 9/10 times he was barking at Coyotes.. And when she complained about her kids being afraid of him, he was 4 months old. You know how scary a 4 month old Chocolate Lab can be huh???
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