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ivermectin information wanted...

I have a few ?'s that need answering so put your thinking caps on!! To eradicate mites, I was told to use 2.5mg per 10 gallons of water for a soak, and it seems to have worked but I've read that a 2% solution is the correct amount. that seems kinda strong. Any input on this? Also, is there a difference between the ivermectin that you get at the vet and the farm stores?

Just to give you an idea of how easy it is to get mites even when you think you've covered all the bases. I brought mine home from a store that had NO reptiles displayed, but kept them in a private area in the basement(I didn't know at the time). There were no reptilian enclosures in the store, only supplies. I didn't take precautions because I thought it was a snake mite free environment(my mistake). I had not been around any other pet stores, or places that housed reptiles in 2 months. I can't PROVE they came from there, but I can't imagine were else they came from.

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