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WHY THATS SIMPLE.................

Addictive? Of course they are, primarily because of the following reasons:

a)Easy to transport dont make any noise

b) Can handle a higher degree of heat

c)Can be displayed in small deli cups at shows and kept in
reptile melamine racks which allows one to keep MANY snakes
in a small space
D)Usually people that are addicted to reptiles also have addicted personalites and have obsessive compulsive disorders(I speak from experience here folks!) These people obsess on anything and tend to buy to much of anything.
The buying itself is a release I think and helps people cope with stress in our crappy daily lives. Well that my take on it.

Additonally, the hottest chicks always keep snakes and lizards.
Just an observation, now email me!!lol

FRED Albury
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