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I got it off a distrubitor here in Toronto, if you lived in the area, once I finished repairing it I'd invite you to play a game if you wanted.

They usually go from anywhere between $2500 - $6000 USD depending on how good condition it is and if it the collectors item series or not. I picked mine up for just about $3000. Had a lot of work to be done, I'm currently replacing the main ramp, changed all the rubbers, lights, waxed down the playfield, bought a new electric chair, bought an uncle fester to sit in the chair, replaced the slingshot plastics and replaced one of the burnt out magnets under the playfield. Still havent been able to figure out how to turn the magnets back on since they were disabled by the guys I bought them off. They were heating up too much and burning the play field. I replaced the broken one but still can't figure out how to get it working.

But you can find them on Ebay as well, but finding one in your area is another story and if it's not within driving distance it costs an arm and a leg for shipping.
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