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Originally posted by meow_mix450
hey guys, in my opinion i think the leafs could of won in game 6, they lost to them so that the air canada center could make more money, knowing that game 7 would be a home game. My friends, dad works at the air canada center so i believe thats why they lost in game 6, but ottawa go beatin pretty bad 4-1 tsk tsk ha ha


I really hope you're kidding.. This isn't Days Of Our Lives or That 70's Show.. These guys get paid the money they do to go out EVERYNIGHT to try and win.. I would very dissapointed if a game by ANY team in professional sports was thrown.. There is no gurantee that Toronto was going to win in game 7, so why risk it by purposely losing in game 6????? If that was the case, they would have won in 4, seeing as most of the players have Playoff bonuses..
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