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Car rental for 4 days ($200, MINIMUM).

Gas...about $225, although that was last year's prices at about 75 cent/litre. Its now 90 cents/litre.

Ferry costs (I live in VICTORIA). Peak rates are in effect, so its $50 each way ($100).

3 days (nights) hotel. I don't like roaches, and I need reliable power to bring all the herps in and set up over night ($200).

Food. I guess I'd eat if I was home anyways, but eating out 3 times per day is costly. $30 per day x 4 days = $120.

Table at the show $20.

2 days off of REAL work ($250).

Am I missing anything else? I guess that's "only" $1100. Not bad. But when its April and I only have about $500 worth of stock for sale right now, I don't think I can justify the costs. I could take that $1100 and buy more snakes, more Rubbermaids, more thermostats, paper-stock, web advertising, heat tape, 36-inch hemostats, new printer, etc etc etc.

I'd LOVE to go, and I make the August show almost every year, but April is TOUGH for a Boid breeder. With nothing to sell until May at the EARLIEST, its an added cost that would just put me in the hole fo no benefit. And not being in the market for more snakes, I don't see flying out to the show and shipping animals back to meet me in Victoria.

I'll have to live vicariously through you guys until August! Someone take a BOATLOAD of pictures ( ala Shane)!! I don't want to miss anything!

Scott, I'm in!
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